User Manual

1. SROI Data Entry Form: Investment

Duration The investment period (Note: the maximum period is up to 6 years)
Amount of funding

The aggregate amount of funding committed to the initiative within the investment period. The funding sources include but are not limited to the following:

1. Government subvention and funds

2. Donations

3. Grants from private foundations

4. Sales

5. Self investment or private investment


2. SROI Data Entry Form: Social Return

Target Beneficiary
The target beneficiary group of the identified social outcome
Number of beneficiaries reached
The number of target beneficiaries reached by the identified social outcome (Note: enter “1” to indicate the whole population of the target beneficiary group)
Social Outcome
The changes in target beneficiaires as a result of the acitivities
Financial Proxy
An approximation to the monetized social outcome
Reference Amount
The value of the approximation to the monetized social outcome (Note: Amount of financial proxies provided in the calculator should be considered as reference. However, it is recommended users to consider whether the amount fit with their study context.)
Unit of the financial proxy
No. of unit provided to each target beneficiary
Number of financial proxy unit provided to each target beneficiary
Account for a new social outcome
Calculate the SROI
Advanced Options
Show advanced options in the calculation of SROI (see below)


A measure of the amount of monetized social return that would have happened even if the activity had not taken place.
A measure of how much of the monetized social returns was caused by the contribution of other interventions.
Discount rate
The opportunity cost of the funding committed to the initiative.
The amount of change (e.g., decrease) in social returns of the intervention in relation to time.


3. SROI Results Page

Social Return
The social return estimate (present value) of the initiative at the end of the investment period
The SROI estimate of the initiative at the end of the investment period
Users can choose the results breakdown or forecast they would like to display
Go back to the data entry form with saved information
Print out the SROI results page
Go back to the blank data entry form